• Stable return on investment from rental income.
  • Unlimited opportunity to use the property as a holiday home.
  • A fully managed and serviced property and area.
  • Available for sale or lease to private individuals or companies.

Idyllic holiday home in Thailand and a wise business investment

Aspire Villas is a vacation villa property development, management and rental business which includes 7 fully-serviced boutique villas and villa land plots.

The villas are situated within a short walking distance to Haad Salad Haad Tien beaches and all of the other most attractive beaches of Koh Phangan, and offer a beautiful combination of ocean, sunset and mountain views from each one of the 7 villas.

The 7-villa project is outstanding in its concept and nature, offering theme-based private accommodation, and unparalleled value-for-money and experiential qualities. Aspire Villa ownership is ideal for investors seeking a short-time outstanding and experiential vacation home and an overseas investment with emphasis on the investment quality of the owned property.

Villas and sale prices

Villa services

All villas and territory are fully managed and serviced by the Development & Management company. The company provides the entire scope of property management services including marketing and booking of the villas, villa sales, housekeeping, plot water supply, electricity supply, gardening and cleaning.

All 7 villas, land plots and rental and maintenance service packages are now available for sale and lease as a business investment by the land owner, project developer, and property management company.

Villa plots

Aspire Villas is a privately developed project consisting of 7 individual villas located on a 4-Rai residential plot (6400 m sq.) on the hillside overlooking the Haad Salad bay, Koh Phangan.

The plot is located on the Bay Residence premises – a fully managed and serviced private residential area. Owners of properties inside the Bay Residence are provided with excellent area maintenance and development services on daily basis.

The lay-out of the Aspire Villas development has been considerately designed to enable each plot to enjoy unobstructed views of the bay and beyond, the hillside, and spectacular sunsets, while maintaining each villa’s privacy with natural tropical landscaping and tailored architectural design.

Villa design

Aspire Villas are designed with focus on thematic ambience and exquisite style and unique architectural thought – a concept exclusively developed by Prohub Ltd experts and design associates. The project currently remains unrivalled by other villa offers on Koh Phangan or Koh Samui in terms of its originality and potential to attract visitors by offering excellent value for money experience in a truly memorable setting and location.

The styles and ambience of Aspire villas include influences from diverse cultural and regional backgrounds, including traditional Thai, Mediterranean, modern Tropical, Nordic/Aquatic, Orient, and Caribbean designs. The combination and variety of styles supports the inarguable value of Aspire Villas as a memorable and experientially fulfilling living experience, designed to appeal to the widest range of visiting customers.

Villa ownership

The ownership or lease of any one or all of the 7 Aspire villas and included land plots means that actual acquisition of an asset that is likely to increase in value, and it can be managed, rented, or sold at the owner’s discretion.

Aspire Villas offer a safe and stable return on investment, valuable property lease and ownership of one or more villas and included land, and the attractive option of combining a business investment with having a holiday home.

The asset is at all times managed on behalf of the investor owners to ensure high quality standard of the property and satisfying ROI.

The investor has the option of renting out the villa to vacationers to maximize investment profits, use it as a holiday home, and sell the property later on, or pass it on to his or her children as inheritance and investment.


An investor and owner of an Aspire villa can enjoy extra benefits from the villa ownership by making the villa a source of tourism rental income. This model, combined with the land lease or ownership profits from the future sub-lease or sale of the property makes it an attractive real estate investment.

The more the property is available for tourism rentals annually, the more Return on Investment the owner or lessee is expected to receive. The benefit of maximizing tourism rentals is also contributing to faster investment break-even returns from pure tourism rentals.

Buyer’s information

Investors have the option of leasing a property personally or establishing their own Thai company and arrange for the company to own the property. Lease is the more preferred option for foreign buyers as it provides the security of personal long-term (90 years) lease and is a cost-saving option which does not carry yearly company maintenance fees. More information about owning land in Thailand is available under section Owning land in Thailand.

The property lease or ownership agreement can be signed at any development stage of the project. The agreement includes a villa and villa land plot. A separate property management and maintenance agreement is signed between the lessee or owner and Prohub Ltd for provision of villa management services.


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