Get those walking boots dusted off…..

For our Guests that like to explore the great outdoors, there are a number of great treks here on the Island;

You can trek to the highest point on the Island (Khao Ra) and enjoy the stunning views of the whole Island when you reach the top – please note that this trek is not for the faint-hearted.

There are also a number of smaller more manageable treks on the Island.  Our top recommendation would be the hike from Chaloklum to Bottle Beach – once you’ve completed your hike there you can enjoy the magnificent beach and take time to enjoy a spot of lunch.  For the way back you can either opt to trek back or there are long tail boats that can pick you up and take you back to Chaloklum.

Our local guide Nat has hidden gems that he can show you and can also give you a beginners guides on medicinal herbs and plants available here in jungles of Koh Phangan.

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